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Cider Buzz

Cider Week features these regional farm-made and craft ciders.

Aaron Burr Cider

Wurtsboro, NY

Aaron Burr Cider is produced from our small homestead farm dating to the early 1800’s. The home business, founded as The Cidery in 2008, grows only cider apples with the mission of restoring natural cider to its rightful place at the dinner table. There are compelling cultural, economic and environmental reasons for this, but above all, we could not resist the beauty surrounding cider. Art is reason enough. 

Early on we discovered an obsession with the local seedling trees (wild apples) which are descendants of America’s original cider orchards, since razed. We ferment these pippins intent on unlocking nature’s expression with no concession to popular tastes.

Angry Orchard

Walden, NY

Angry Orchard has been experimenting with apple varieties, ingredients and aging processes to develop hard cider recipes for more than 20 years. The team is dedicated to finding the best apples for their ciders, and to choose specific varieties based on each cider’s desired flavor profile. In addition to their year-round core styles, the new Innovation Cider House located in Walden, NY is devoted to experimental ciders and the art of barrel aging.

Bad Seed Cider

Highland, NY

Based in Highland, NY, in the historic and gorgeous Hudson River Valley, we craft dry, hard cider from apples grown on our sixth generation farm. With the vast majority of our ciders fermented to full dryness, we are the first company to put a truly dry, 0g sugar cider into a can. Bad Seed will forever change how you perceive hard cider, which is why people have started calling our product simply, “The Dry Cider.”


Doc’s Draft

Warwick, NY

Doc’s Draft Hard Ciders come in a variety of flavors, from our Original Apple to our Dry Hopped and seasonal flavors. Ranging in ABV from 5 to 6 %, Doc’s Draft has a taste to suit every preference, from dry to sweet. Doc’s Draft has a crisp, refreshing fresh from the orchard flavor with a slight carbonation, and pairs wonderfully with food from barbecue to grilled to cheese and fruit.


Newburgh, NY

Graft Cider makes exploratory wild yeast fermented dry sour ciders. We make three rotating styles for our mainline; Rustic-(oak foeder blend), Hop (dry hopped) and Gose- (salted cider) on a monthly basis in addition to our fruited sour series called the Book Of Nomad.

Hardscrabble Cider

North Salem, NY

Hardscrabble Cider is the epitome of a hand-crafted, farm-to-bottle beverage. All stages of the process take place on the farm – from growing, picking and cleaning the apples, to pressing, fermenting and bottling the final product. The cider is crafted from a blend of the 10 varieties of apples grown on site – the end result being a clean, crisp, fruit-forward beverage. The recent addition of a tasting room and outdoor patio has provided the perfect venue for enjoying Hardscrabble Cider and taking in the views the orchard has to offer.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider

Staatsburg, NY

Produced by Elizabeth Ryan of Breezy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill, Hudson Valley Farmhouse
Cider is fresh, unfiltered, unsulphited, authentic artisan farmhouse cider. We grow over 100
varieties of apples and other fruit. What sets Breezy Hill apart is our dedication to quality
ingredients, environmental stewardship, fair labor, and support of our local economy. We are
certified in the Eco Apple program, and value the health of the environment just as much as we
value fresh, highly flavored fruit, cider and baked goods.

Joe Daddy’s Hard Cider

Castleton, NY

Joe Daddy’s Hard Cider is produced by Brookview Station Winery , using fruit grown on our home farm, Goold Orchards, Castleton NY. Our cider master of over 35 years skillfully hand selects and blends the apples we use used for both fresh cider and hard cider productions. Founded in April 1910, Goold Orchards is the oldest family owned and operated apple farm in the NY Capital Region.

Kettleborough Cider House

New Paltz, NY

A small cidery born from a 4th-generation family apple orchard. Currently growing 20 varieties of hard cider apple varieties. In the process of expanding production capabilities.

Kings Highway Fine Cider

Millerton, NY

During colonial times, “cyder” makers hauled their barrels via carriage to New York City on a hodgepodge of cowpaths and Indian trails known as Kings Highway. Connecting hamlets and villages like Bushwick, Gravesend, and New Utrecht, the road eventually birthed the city of Brooklyn. Today, Kings Highway Fine Cider is inspired equally by its colonial cider roots as well as its modern day mix of inhabitants, hailing from all corners of the planet and creating one of the most accepting, inviting places in the world. We specialize in dry ciders of all types including heritage, wood-aged, fruited, spiced, and speciality ciders that, until now, have never existed. In 2016, we broke ground on a production facility in the town of Millerton, NY in the the Harlem Valley of Dutchess County. A year later, we’re happy to report that our ciders have been well received, winning 17 medals at the prestigious 2017 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP).

Little Apple Farm and Cidery

Hillsdale, NY

Little Apple Farm is a NOFA-NY Certified Organic orchard in Hillsdale, NY near the Massachusetts border and the Taconic Range. We are the orchard on Orchard Lane. Ron Bixby and Alanne Baerson operate Little Apple Farm since 1980. Ron comes from a farming family in Appleton, Wisconsin and Alanne hails from Boston. They met while working in New York City.

Little Apple Cidery is part of Little Apple Farm located adjacent to the orchard. The Cidery is a new facility designed by Edge Architecture, Rochester, NY and built by local craftsmen.   The Cidery opened in October 2015 and produces three types of cider in limited quantities, 100% Organic Cider, Farm Hard Cider, and Wild Hard Cider.

Our apples and ciders are part of a revitalized local agricultural movement throughout the Hudson Valley. Nutritious, healthy fruit and drink produced on a small scale for the local community is our goal, along with a sense of responsibility for the land and future generations.

Metal House Cider

Esopus, NY

Metal House Cider has recently released their (first) 2015 vintage, an all-the-way dry sparkling cider made in the methode champenoise, from 100% untreated apples picked from their own orchard in Esopus, NY and abandoned orchards in the immediate vicinity.
With only 250 cases produced in 2015, MHC is a very small-batch cidery. From tree-to-label, all aspects of production are done by owners Kimberly Kae and Matt DiFrancesco, whose intent is to create a cider reflective of and specific to the climate, terrain and history of the Town of Esopus.

Naked Flock Applewood Winery

Warwick, NY

Naked Flock Hard Cider invites you to turn off your cell phone, relax and take a sip back in time to real Hard Cider. Made from 100% Hudson Valley apples without any added colorings, flavorings or grape spirits. Naturally gluten free. Simply naked Hard Cider.

Nine Pin Ciderworks

Albany, NY

Nine Pin’s process begins just outside of Albany where we work with the best local apple growers to achieve just the right blend of apples. We also use unique apples grown from see on our family farm. The apples are pressed at the orchards and we transport the juice to our cidery in the heart of Albany. At our cidery, the fresh pressed juice undergoes our signature fermenting and aging process.

Orchard Hill Cider Mill

New Hampton, NY

ORCHARD HILL CIDER MILL is committed to uncompromising quality and a respect for tradition. We always use the highest-quality New York State apples in our products, never frozen concentrate, artificial coloring, or other industrial shortcuts common to the industry. We feel cider drinkers should benefit from the same revolution in quality that wine drinkers have benefited from.

Our ciders express the apples they are made from, the land those apples are grown on, and our devotion to quality. Every harvest is the culmination of over a century of family farming—so we let the apples do the talking.

Slyboro Ciderhouse Granville, NY

Granville, NY

Slyboro Ciderhouse is an upstate cidery producing award winning sparkling, still and ice ciders from apples grown in their orchard.   Named for the centuries-old hamlet that is home to Hicks Orchard, Slyboro Ciderhouse re-introduces the lost craft of traditional American ciders. Just as grapes are transformed into wine, our ciders are fermented from our own orchard-grown apples; unlocking the full potential of the apple by creatively blending a a distinctive range of delicious, award-winning ciders. 

We at Slyboro Ciderhouse are dedicated to reclaiming cider – “true cider” – as America’s favorite drink. We invite you to explore and discover the flavors and delights of Slyboro Ciders. In any season, for special occasions, or to enrich the moment, “consider cider.”



Sundström Cider

Milan, NY

Sundström Cider focuses on select wild-harvested, heirloom and cider apple varieties, as well as several species of crabapples in an effort to make vinous, age-worthy ciders that speak of the place they come from.

Founded in 2013 after 10 years of experience in the wine industry, including wine production in Oregon and Germany, Sundström Cider draws much of its influence from the wine community’s appreciation of terroir, and aims to honor the apple’s potential complexities through the journey of understanding New York’s apple terroirs.

Sundström Cider creates ciders with a minimal-intervention approach, highlighting the natural brightness offered by New York’s climate in dry ciders both naturally sparkling and still. Never filtered, never fined, fermented with a focus on natural yeasts.

Treasury Cider

Hopewell Junction, NY

Family owned Fishkill Farms, after 100 years of growing apples, is proud to produce a handcrafted hard cider. We called it Treasury Cider to invoke the farm’s founder, Henry Morgenthau Jr., who served as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under FDR. But the idea of a treasury also speaks to the stewardship of planting and tending an orchard; to the cultivation of rare and historic apple varieties; and to their transformation into a golden liquid, enjoyed throughout the seasons.

Wayside Cider

Delhi, NY

Started in 2014, Wayside Cider is a collaboration between Alex Wilson and Irene Hussey.  Bucking the current cider trend of looking to Europe for inspiration and apple cultivars, we are focused on making modern American ciders that draw on the history and topography of the place where we live.  We pick and graft the wild and abandoned trees with the aim of preserving the past while embracing modern production methods to produce a cider unique to this region.